About us

The Planet Belongs to the Future

Green2Go seeks to create stylish, useful and durable products from plastic waste. We are an eco-conscious initiative, driven to make the planet a better place for everyone and create sustainable livelihood opportunities for members of the society.

Our Inspiration: The Squirrel

Squirrels have a peculiar habit – they bury seeds in the ground and forget about them. These buried seeds help generate forests, creating green lungs for the survival of everything that breathes. They are truly, Nature’s gardeners, and similar is what we aspire to be!

Why Green2go?

Green2Go looks at creating a balance between nature and consumers. Here’s how.

Aesthetic Designs

Eco Friendly Packaging

Carbon Footprint Mindful

Sustainable Manufacturing

One of the 1st companies in India to get the GRS certification in the travel accessories space

How PET bottles are converted to yarn at our technology partner's factory

Proudly ‘Made in India’

Go Green, Go Now.

Planet Earth needs us, and it needs us now. Saving the environment does not need to wait for one grand initiative; rather, the planet can hope to breathe through little changes of habits we make every day. Switching to Green2Go products is one such change you can make immediately. Join us on the Green2Go journey, and become an eco-warrior in your own right.