About Us

Environmentally Conscious, Aesthetically Cool!

We are Inspired by the Squirrel

Squirrels are Nature’s Gardeners. They bury seeds in the earth, and forget about them, thus creating and expanding forests. Our initiative is driven to give earth more green lungs to breathe and thrive.

Why we Exist

With over 300 million tonnes of plastic waste produced annually, it is a global menace, threatening the planet’s survival. Plastic suffocates nature; it threatens food safety, human health and oceans.

Green2Go is envisioned as an environment healing initiative, which converts plastic waste into useful and durable products. These products are cool to carry and ecologically mindful. We seek to work with nature, creating sustainable livelihood opportunities and each day, striving to make the Earth a better place to live in.

Our Philosophy

We owe our planet to the future. We believe that resources are finite and should be used mindfully to ensure that there is enough for future generations, without causing a decrease in the present quality of life.

A sustainable society must be socially responsible, focusing on environmental protection and creation of a dynamic equilibrium between human and natural systems.

Our Values

Our Values are defined by what is the best that can be created for the present day, without compromising on the needs of the future generations.

Two values which represent our core are – INNOVATION and SUSTAINABILITY. All that we do and stand for at Green2Go is to create a balance between what is cool and comfortable, while being ecologically sensitive and sensible.


Our purpose of existence is to leave the planet a better place than what we inherited. The race to development has caused adequate harm to the ecological balance inherent in nature. Any further steps towards development need to factor in the needs of the planet, as much as the needs of the consumers.

Our vision is to create a sustainable solution to the problem of plastic waste, threatening the well-being and survival of animate and inanimate elements of nature. Our Planet should be able to regenerate and flourish at its own pace. For this, it is important that we remain environmentally and socially responsible, while innovating to create products which appeal to the masses.

Repurposing plastic waste into aesthetic, useful and durable products is a credible way to reduce plastic waste burden from the planet. In the coming 5 years, we aim to upcycle at least 500 tonnes of plastic waste.

Our Leadership Team

Ajoy Mundkur

Founder | Chief Executive Officer

  • Management Graduate with more than 30 years of experience.
  • Has held leadership positions in various organisations in Paints, Luggage, Lubricants, Adhesives etc
  • Was featured under ‘25 Most Valuable CEO’s in India 2021’ by Business Outlook Magazine

Sundar Iyer

Director | Financial & Commercial

  • Senior Finance Professional- Ex Director of Henkel India
  • 35 years of experience in chemicals and FMCG
  • Managed Acquisitions and Divestment

Ashutosh Dubey

Director | Sales

  • Management Graduate with 20 years of experience
  • Sales Specialist in Travel Gear, Apparels and FMCG
  • Has worked sales and marketing roles in various Indian and multinational companies